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Golden Horn Belongs to Us All, Let's Protect It

Addition of 2 pumps to Baltalimanı Golden Horn Elevation Center Pumping Line, and relevant improvement works have been completed by ARMES TREATMENT, and they will be commmissioned in near future.

As we all know, Haliç, which is known in the world as "Golden Horn" but turned into a swamp due to industrial and domestic wastes disposed since the beginning of the century, and which we strictly avoided to approach until recently because of the pungent stench it emits, has been restored to its old days as a result of laborious efforts carried out.

This cleaning activities carried out in Golden Horn, one of the most important touristic attractions of the country located in the centre of İstanbul metropolis, were by academic circles investigated in scientific and technical aspects , and it was documented with scientific reports that cleaning objectives were achieved not only superficially, but also chemically.

Golden Horn, sprang to life step by step, became the dwelling and breeding breeding venue of fish, which is a significant indicator of the vivacious transformation. Protecting Golden Horn against contamination and ensuring that collectors here are operated sanitarily is possible only by preventing waste water entry completely. Sea water is pumped into Golden Horn in order to achieve water circulation.


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  • İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Biksan San. Sit. A-1 Blok No:30 34306 Başakşehir – İSTANBUL
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