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Mini Filter press

Minifilter is used for the filtration of micron sized solid substances in liquids.


It is generally used for eliminating opacity in liquids like wine, fermented grape juice, olive oil etc. This is because solid substances in  this type of foods are largely organic and they deteriorate as a result of oxidation over the course of time. In food sector, increasing the quality, flavour and  shelf life of product is as important as the necessity to obtain clear products
With minifilter, solid substances with sizes up to 0.3-0.5 are maintained and required ultimate product quality is achieved in a very short time. In addition to food sector, it is also used in cosmetics sector for the filtration of chemical solutions and boron oil. In minifilter, filtration process is carried out with cardboard filters of special filter clothes. 

General Specifications
Operating conditions ( Liquid temperature / operating pressure) : 50ºC / 3 bar
Capacity: 150-500lt/hour ( Depends on the number of plates)
Plate Sizes 200x200mm 

Material Specifications:
Body Material: AISI 304 or AISI 316
Filter-press Plates: Polyetylene
Levers : AISI 304
Cake tray : AISI 304
Piping on chassis : AISI 304/316, polypropylene

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